Why Soapstone Is an Perfect Choice for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops


Remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms add value to your home. If you’re selling, you can tack that value onto the asking price. If you’re staying, you hold more equity in your investment. Granite is a popular choice… and really overdone. Be unique with soapstone countertops. They offer the beauty and strength of granite without the excessive price tag.


Soapstone is so strong it has been used for fireplace hearths and stoves. This material can stand up to some serious heat, and while you’re remodeling primarily for aesthetics, it behooves you to choose something that will function beyond your expectations. Although a natural materials, soapstone is nonporous, so you needn’t worry about stained countertops any longer.


Its nonporous nature also makes it easy to keep clean. Your stone doesn’t have to be sealed to protect it prior to professional installation, and once the remodel is complete, you can keep it clean easily per the manufacturer’s recommendations, which is usually just mild soap and water. You don’t need to clean with harsh chemicals anymore because soapstone’s nonporous nature also resists bacteria.


Soapstone is also more affordable than granite, marble, and even some quartz countertops, which makes it an excellent choice for any remodeling project. You get the strength and durability of the other materials without the shock to your renovation budget. In some cases, you may pay as much as $45 per linear foot more for granite. Why do that? Soapstone stands up to abuse just as well.


Finally, your new soapstone countertops will be breathtaking. Because it is a natural material, it has the same highs and lows as other top selections. Some soapstone even has veins that make it look just like marble, and you don’t have to tell your family and friends it isn’t marble, do you? As durable and as beautiful as granite for a fraction of the cost – yes, these countertops are a fantastic choice.