Why Soapstone Countertops are Perfect for Any Kitchen


  You’ve more than likely heard of granite and marble counter tops, but what about soapstone countertops? Have you heard of them before? It may sound like a horrible idea to be cutting and serving food off of something called soapstone, but really, soapstone is an excellent material that could last a lifetime in your…

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How to Upgrade Your Home With Soapstone Countertops


Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms with soapstone countertops can be a great way to add value to a home. Soapstone has a wide variety of uses with different degrees of hardness, but the hardest mineral slaps may make excellent countertops for several reasons. Not only can soapstone slabs be extremely durable and dense, but they can…

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How You Could Create Luxurious Home Accents With Soapstone

Luscious scents

Give homes a luxurious look by adding soapstone countertops and fireplaces. Because it is¬†composed of minerals such as magnesium and talc, the stone can be soft enough to carve or hard enough to create durable countertops and fireplaces. This versatility may allow soapstone to be used in many ways, but due to its inherent durability,…

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